Smoking marijuana is OBVIOUSLY the defining factor in whether or not someone is a good person, right?

Let’s dig a little deeper though, shall we?
Nico (my twin brother) has a 2.8 unweighted GPA. He has a notorious reputation for getting around and forcing himself onto girls that don’t want him. He’s had anger management issues his whole life. He sits around the house doing nothing and spends all his time watch anime or playing drums. He caught me and his friends smoking in the house last night, and his friend had to hold him back because he wanted to attack me because I was smoking pot. 
I, on the other hand, have a 3.6 unweighted GPA. Not only do I volunteer extensively with the Special Ed/ESE kids at my school, I started a music interaction program for them. I was put in multiple news papers and praised highly by the administration in our school. I’m passionate about the environment, I make a point of doing outdoor activities as much as possible. I encourage peace and happiness and discourage ignorance and hate. All of this, and yet I’m the horrible child and Nico is the patron saint in the eyes of my mother. 
My mom smokes cigarettes. She drinks alcohol. She eats foods loaded with toxins. I hate cigarettes and alcohol, and I avoid bad foods as much as possible. I even gave away my entire collection of perfumes because I didn’t want to put unnatural chemicals on my skin and in my lungs. My mother is slowly killing herself, but apparently I’m morally skewed and trashy because I smoke marijuana. My family’s logic is flawless. 

even if i fucking hate you i won’t send you anon hate because my parents didn’t raise me in the jungle

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Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (x)


what can i be for halloween which is sexy AND hilarious at the same time…





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Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. Margaret Mead   (via dollare)

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So many things I love in one picture.


two years ago i was licking a lollipop and some dude said “watching a girl eat a lollipop is a great way to see how well she gives blowjobs” so i bit the lollipop in half and spit it out 

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I leave my bowl around the house. I talk about how much pot I smoke to my mom. I’ve straight up told her I smoke a lot of weed. I pretty much smoke next to my family, yet they never notice it. I keep the smell at bay, I never look high. Yet when they see me do it, oh no, stop the fucking presses. “I’m disappointed in you.” While YOU’ER slowly smoking your life away with cancer sticks, I’M smoking an herb that has dozens of health, economic, social, cultural, and personal benefits. Fuck you and your cancer-ridden lungs. 

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